Born in a small seaside town on the west coast of France, I now live in Dublin, Ireland. I have been working in journalism since 2012 - first in the field of culture and comics, then towards a general practice. I am French-Irish and alternate my time between these two countries - where I produce new reports and develop new projects.

My career

During my progression in Journalism, I went through media specialised in arts, especially the ninth art: Le Réseau Arts, Ederweld, Phylacteres; as well as national media such as Radio France. I also had the honor of developing a new digital media which was particularly publicized in 2017. I had the chance to be a speaker at Debates in Dublin, an Exhibition Curator, Editor-in-Chief, Audiovisual producer, ...

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And Today : Producer of Reports and Documentaries

In parallel with my research and development activity in biomechanical engineering at Trinity College Dublin University, I currently manage THE SONAR - an international audiovisual production.

We have set ourselves a new challenge: to create a production studio of reports and documentaries adapted in many foreign languages, trans-media, and making sure to highlight multiculturalism.

In a few words: open cultures and bring them closer together.


THE SONAR is currently producing several series of reports:

  • Conflicts in the World
  • A cultural aspect of each country in the world
  • Extensive interviews: Patrick Poivre D’Arvor – Don Rosa – Kim Jung Gi

My philosophy and my journalism values and principles

  • The best neutrality with confrontation of points of view.
  • Open-mindedness and permanent curiosity.
  • Empathy and non-judgment of each other's life journeys.
  • Informing to open minds and make society better - not the other way around.
  • Constantly question ourselves on our own practices.
  • A smart journalism approach with the least provocations.